Cultural Confluences: The Art of Lenore Chinn celebrates the public unveiling of The Oracle Room, a painting for which the artist received a San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist Commission. It will be contextualized by the artist’s most iconic canvases, which focus on Asian American and LGBT themes.

Co-presented by Qcc, Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center and The Luggage Store Gallery.

Lenore Chinn is a San Francisco based painter who focuses on portraiture to explore the super-realistic depiction of a wide spectrum of people of color, lesbians and same sex couples. Employing a coded iconography rooted in a lesbian/gay cultural perspective, these images fuse an Asian aesthetic of sparseness and clarity with visual narratives that counteract the “magic-truth rituals” of racial and gender construction. Her portraits documenting the historical evolution of San Francisco’s queer community challenge the social conventions that currently constitute the racialized order of things. Recent works explore aspects of Chinese and Chinese American culture and history.

She is a 2011 recipient of a San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist grant and has just published her book, Cultural Confluences: The Art of Lenore Chinn, through Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center.