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Miss Major / Corey Brown


Corey Brown The Star (Miss Major) turquoise Guidance, serenity, and hope In the words of Barbara Moore, a well-known modern author of tarot meanings, “Stars [...]

Miss Major / Corey Brown 2019-04-21T07:09:59+00:00

ancestral shifts / jorge mata flores


jorge mata flores ancestral shifts (untitled) Using the concept of intergenerational trauma as a jumping off point, this untitled piece is an exercise in accessing [...]

ancestral shifts / jorge mata flores 2019-04-21T06:55:24+00:00

René Yañez


René Yañez René Yañez (19 September 1942 – 29 May 2018) was a Mexican assemblage artist, printmaker, performance artist, curator and community activist located in [...]

René Yañez 2019-04-21T04:46:42+00:00

Flo Wong


Flo Wong "Ed Wong is Be Be Jai," 1994, Rice Sack, Silkscreened Photos, etc. 18 x 32 inches Flo Wong Born in 1938, Wong was [...]

Flo Wong 2019-04-21T04:44:12+00:00

Shawna Virago


Shawna Virago Work in Exhibition: Video 3:36 min color Renowned folk-punk songwriter Shawna Virago dropped her latest album, Heaven Sent Delinquent, this past January via [...]

Shawna Virago 2019-04-21T04:40:31+00:00

Michelle Tea


Valencia by Michelle Tea Valencia is the fast-paced account of one girl's search for love and high times in the drama-filled dyke world of San [...]

Michelle Tea 2019-04-21T04:37:06+00:00

Tina Takemoto


Tina Takemoto Work in the Exhibition On the Line, 2018, 6:43 Inspired by prewar cannery workers in San Diego, On the Line offers a queer meditation on [...]

Tina Takemoto 2019-04-21T04:33:27+00:00

Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens


Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens The Kiss, 10:05 min. Video Music By Andrew Mckenzie of Hafler Trio Annie M. Sprinkle PhD (born Ellen F. Steinberg [...]

Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens 2019-04-21T04:29:53+00:00

Marlon Riggs


Marlon Riggs Marlon Riggs' essay film TONGUES UNTIED gives voice to communities of black gay men, presenting their cultures and perspectives on the world as [...]

Marlon Riggs 2019-04-21T05:33:19+00:00

Jordan Reznick


Jordan Reznick is a photographer and photo historian living and making work in the Bay Area. They develop photographic projects within their own communities, working [...]

Jordan Reznick 2019-04-21T04:21:26+00:00