Brache, Carlos

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Brache, Carlos


The artist uses a dispenser until its contents are exhausted.


The Good Ship (sample image)
video 1:26 duration
Lollipops are manipulated, destroyed, and rubbed on various parts of the body while
Deniz Koyu’s Tung plays

 Artist Statement

The complexity of queerness in our times is heightened by society’s desire to neatly and comfortably categorize. Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered are labels that resonate with the weight of history. We are contained within these bodies. Our bodies must relate to the things around them. I create work that exists in the space between the body and the “stuff” of this world, between the individual and the other. By revealing bias regarding simple objects and daily tasks my work redirects and repurposes in order to stimulate consciousness. A simple task reveals its multiplicity.