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Lee, Kang Seung


Untitled (Needlepoint Project or Boys in the back room)


Untitled (Eakins “swimming pool”)
Needlepoint Cotton
20 x 17 inches (framed)


Untitled (Boadwee)
Needlepoint on cotton
8 x 8 inches (framed)


Untitled (3 -way from Pantheon film)
Needlepoint on cotton
8 x 8 inches (framed)

Artist Statement

This on-going project is to bring one of the most domestic, underrated, under-appreciated and feminine media (needlepoint) to document Queer Art History as well as Homo Erotic Art including gay porn industry.

Starting from early 2013, I have been doing needlepoint works of homoerotic images. These works are mostly small sized from 2 x 3 inches to 4 x 5 inches making a connection with how we look at art images through electronic screens that are often cropped, stored and reused.

  • Significant queer art images made from late 19 century to late 20 century, from Thomas Eakins to General Idea to Leigh Bowery were chosen.
  • Part of the project is in collaboration with Conner Habib (writer and gay porn star) – Conner is in the process of selecting the most important gay porn stars in 20th Century gay porn industry and their iconic scenes and poses. He is also writing essays on the images.
  • Most colors of the threads were chosen from Andy Warhol’s Iconic Electric Chair print series.

I believe the project works not only as a historical survey of 20th Century Queer (especially gay male) history but also questions the difference between art images and porn images.