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CQC EA applicationform Click on the link to download the form

Creating Queer Community (CQC)

An Emerging Artist Meeting
SFArts Commission, Rm. 302/August 30 – 6pm
Deadline for Application – September 10/6pm

The Flight Deck, Studio/September 7 – 6:30pm
Deadline for Application – September 17/6pm

Application Form

The Queer Cultural Center (QCC) is a multiracial community-building organization that fosters the artistic, economic and cultural development of San Francisco’s LGBT community.

Every year, we come up with a theme and this year we ask the artist to create or curate a performance/exhibition that fashions a fresh and unique self-portrait of the artist or their community.

Twenty years ago, a group of artists and activists met to create what would shortly become Qcc The Center for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Art & Culture.   It was our intention to give voice to the under-represented artists of our community.

We began with a small SF Queer Arts Festival and an exhibition called FACE – Queerness in Self-Portraiture.  “We wanted this first exhibition to represent who we are, what we can be, and what we can accomplish. We wanted a place to start to begin a serious discourse on queer culture.  A beginning that was… a place that celebrated difference as its mode of being and justice as its practice. We wanted to present ourselves not as an abstraction (a theoretical category, a political identity group or an economic brand) but as an array of unique individuals who share this ‘queerness’.”

That was the curators’ description of the exhibition and it is a good description of what our festivals have tried to achieve for the last twenty years.  So this year, we reexamine an art form that has become somewhat of an obsession: From Self-Portraiture to Selfie.

How you can create–in a 15-20 minute segment—a self-portrait of yourself or your community?


Applications will be adjudicated via a peer-review panel composed of QCC’s Artistic Director and personnel will review full proposals and award commissions by employing the following evaluation criteria:

1.     Artistic integrity and originality;

2.     The project’s alignment with the NQAF theme;

3.     The project’s potential impact on the LGBTQ community

4.     The applicant’s capacity to complete the project.
Creating Queer Community (CQC)

Emerging Artist Application

SFArts Commission, Rm. 302/August 30 – 6pm

Deadline for Application – September 10/6pm

The Flight Deck, Studio/September 7 – 6:30pm

Deadline for Application – September 17/6pm

Please email this application to artistic@queerculturalcenter.org with a subject line of “EA Application – Your Last Name”  You can find the application online at http://bit.ly/2bToSoC

Thank you.

Lead Artist:



City of Residence:


Group/Collective Name:

Collaborating Artist(s): Collaborating Artist(s) Email:

What is your project? (One Page Maximum, 12pt font)

You have one Page to describe the project and talk about how your project relates to the theme.  Also discuss how you are going to use the 15-20 minutes to begin to further develop the project (or your career!).

Have you any history of creating arts events for LGBTQ communities?

Please tell us details or list links to performances/projects.  You can attach a CV or resume if it connects us with your art history.

And that’s all we need!  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at artistic@queerculturalcenter.org

Thank you!