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Queer Cultural Center’s on-line presence has grown organically since we first launched our website in 1998. Our intention was and has been to map Queer art from the perspective of the Bay Area. All of the artists presented in our Archive Galleries have either lived in San Francisco, have had a major exhibition here, or have been connected to the Bay Area in an interesting or queer way. Originally created in the late 90s and early 2000s, they represent our sensibility at that time and were never meant to be a complete index of queer art or artists; but rather a humble start at building visibility and community on-line. We are in the process of transferring all of our archives to this new space. There have been major developments in the biographical materials since these pages were first created; but we made the decision to keep the profiles/archives as they were first created in late 90s. The original website and archives were created and maintained by artist Rudy Lemcke.

First created in 1998,, has been one of the most heavily visited non-profit arts websites in the Bay Area, documents important Queer arts events taking place in San Francisco and heightens the international, national, statewide and local visibility of the Bay Area’s Queer arts community. The Website currently contains over 11,000 pages of material that traces the emergence, diversification and ongoing evolution of Queer arts and culture in San Francisco over the past 9 years. The website is now a major online resource for information about Queer art and artists; last year, the website attracted over 720,000 international visitors.