Glitter Bomb 2015


June 4 (Opening Reception)
Glitter Bomb
SOMArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan St., San Francisco
Exhibition: June 4 – 27
Tuesday–Friday noon–7:00pm Saturday noon–5:30pm.
Artist Walk thru – June 20, 12noon
Visual Arts


Join Qcc, our artists and curators in the celebratory opening for Glitter Bomb! Dress in your finest/freakiest & most fabulous outfits and come on in for snacks, drinks and surprise guests exploding all over…like a Glitter Bomb!

Each year, QCC organizes a large-scale month-long exhibition of cutting-edge queer art at SomArts Cultural Center Gallery in San Francisco that serves as the National Queer Arts Festival’s kick-off event. This annual exhibition is the largest and oldest forum for queer visual art in the U.S. For the past 17 years, the exhibition has featured 30 to 60 emerging and mid-career Queer artists’ work.

This year the exhibition explores the idea of physical, social, political, affective and historical connections. For those who have been denied acceptance into existing social models and access to traditional political means, or for those who voluntarily reject these structures, queers have created alternative social connections as sites of political transformation or contestation.

Historically, LGBTQ people have made connections with each other across racial, geographic, gender, ability, age, class and cultural borders. These connections have built a strong LGBT community, generated new concepts of queer families, developed innovative health and social service models and made long lasting alliances with other disenfranchised communities and social change movements – interweaving social justice issues into our daily lives.

The exhibition asks: How do queer artists and activists make political alliances calling for change in terms of the increasing surveillance and the policing of our lives? How do we advocate for social justice for the black and brown dead‎ killed by bad cops, rogue vigilantes, and armed racists? How do we make alliances and help expand the idea of queerness to include our voices in the struggle for equal pay, union reform, anti-imperialist, and anti-racist movements.

The exhibition asks: how do we use models from the past with the tools of the present to inform the creation of a new visual language to respond to our present cultural condition of omnipresent urgency and begin to answer the question of whether queer art can be equal to the challenge of the times?

Curatorial Committee: Darius, Bost, Việt Lê, Rudy Lemcke, Matt McKinley, Jackie Francis, Pam Peniston
Exhibition Design: Matt McKinley
Exhibition Manager: Melonie Green


SOMArts Cultural Center