Here Come The Ecosexuals

postcard_4x6_frontJune 21 & June 28
Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens presents:
Bernal Hill Walking Tours & An Ecosexual Contingent in the Pride Parade

Tours meet on south side of Bernal Hill
2 shows. 10:30 am and 5:00 pm
A Pollination Pod Ribbon Cutting Ceremony June 28, 10 AM.
Pride Parade 10:30 am. Market Street

Here Come the Ecosexuals! Walking Tours of Bernal Hill
Here Come the Ecosexuals! Parade contingent performance
Price: Free to the public! (Courtesy of grants and sponsors.)

For performance details and how you can participate in the Ecosexual contingent in the Pride Parade:

Meet-up with Beth & Annie at their glittery blue Pollination Pod to kick-off a fabulous ecosex walking tour adventure. Explore Bernal Hill, aka the planetary clitoris, to find E spots (ecosexy spots) and to give and take pleasure with nature.

The following weekend, Beth & Annie head up the world’s first “ecosexual contingent” in the SF Pride Parade, to promote their campaign to add E (for ecosexual) to GLBTQII. Their float, the Pollination Pod, is powered by a colorful, diverse group of over one hundred ecosexuals of all ages, types and orientations. Everyone is invited to participate (as marcher or performer) in this spectacle to love, honor and cherish WATER and to celebrate nature’s many sensual delights. Dress ecosexy!

Ecosexuality is a new identity concept that shifts the metaphor from “Earth as mother” to “Earth as lover.” and offers a hope-filled approach to an environmental future that includes joy, flamboyance and ecosexy fun.

Producers: Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle
Walking Tour Director: Joy Brooke Fairfield
Director of Ecosexual Pride Performance: Saul Garcia-Lopez
Costumes and props: Sarah Stolar
Production: Becka Shertzer and Pale Breast
Walking Tour Performers: Kalash Ka, Pale Breast,
Project Manager: Kelsey Moody
Graphic Designers: Little Shiva and Kern Toy
Publicist: Kate Fritiz

Sponsor of Ecosexual Pride Contingent Performance: Center for Sex & Culture
Sponsor of Walking Tour Performances: E.A.R.T.H. Lab at UCSC’s Arts Division

Sponsored by generous grants and support from:
San Francisco Arts Commission, Queer Cultural Center
ARI and COR grants from the University of California Santa Cruz
UCIRA from the University of California

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