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In This Body

June 24, 2019 In This Body ESAA, 7:30pm Mandela Duncan, Nikeia Rideout, Nann Tsehay, Latajh Weaver TIX: $12-$20 MULTIDISCIPLINARY Blending video, poetry, song and music, these artists tackle being In This Body. What are the obstacles to making their journey toward an integrated life? Fresh performances examine Issues of gender, [...]

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Bec Young

Bec Young 12"x18" screenprint. Image by Bec Young, in collaboration with Radical Action for Mountain People's Survival.  Bec Young is a visual artist who works primarily in printmaking, paper cutting, illustration, and installation. Her practice also includes direct interactions within communities, empowering others, skill sharing, and facilitating change. Her work [...]

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Erin Yoshi

Erin Yoshi 12"x18", digital print Image by Erin Yoshi in collaboration with Asian Pacific Environmental Network. Erin Yoshi’s artwork reflects of the struggle within communities, and the paradigms of social injustice and class struggles. Yoshi rides with The Trust Your Struggle Collective (US), Few and Far (US), Choke on It [...]

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Mary Tremonte

Mary Tremonte 12"x18", screenprint Image by Mary Tremonte in collaboration with Tar Sands Blockade. Mary Tremonte is a founding member of Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, she works with “printmaking in the expanded field,” including “printstallation”, interactive silkscreen printing in public space, and wearable artist multiples. Mary has exhibited, presented lectures and [...]

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Rommy Torrico

Rommy Torrico 12"x18", digital print Image by Rommy Torrico in collaboration with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.  Rommy is a queer, undocumented, non-white, trans artivist born in Iquique, Chile and currently residing in Naples, FL. They have been involved in the (im)migrant rights struggle for several years and infuse much of [...]

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David Tim

David Tim 12"x18", digital print Image by David Tim in collaboration with ClimateTruth.org. David Tim was born in Montreal, Canada. He’s a printmaker and ceramicist whose work represents the pursuit of harmony between the individual and the community. HIs wood carving explores the relationship between the public and private sphere, [...]

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