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About The National Queer Arts Festival 1998

This series of cultural events, exhibitions, performances, and interpretive programs has been organized by Qcc The Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Art & Culture and The Harvey Milk Institute. The Festival is produced in collaboration with numerous Bay Area non-profit arts organizations including SOMAR, The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Art and The Center for African & African-American Art & Culture and many others whose events you will find on this site.

The San Francisco Queer Arts Festival highlights the diverse and talented queer artists and arts organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here you will find visual art, dance, theater, a gender conference, a series of interpretive programs with artists discussing their work, film and video screenings, and a wide array of multidisciplinary programs.

This series could not have been produced without the assistance of countless organizations and individuals, including, but not limited to: Tom Ammiano, Sue Bierman, Jack Davis (SOMAR), June Gutefleish, Leslie Katz, Jenni Rodriguez, Mabel Teng, Kola Akintola Thomas, Leland Yee, and dozens of dedicated artists and volunteers.

The first annual Queer Arts Festival has been financially supported by the South of Market Cultural Center, the Center for African and African American Art and Culture, the Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts, the Bayview Opera House, the Cultural Equity Initiatives Grants program of the San Francisco Arts Commission and Grants for the Arts, (the SF Hotel Tax Fund).

Qcc The Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Art & Culture
Founded in 1993 the Queer Cultural Center (Qcc) is a multi-disciplinary arts presenting organization that conducts artistic and interpretive programs exploring queer identity issues. Our programs promote the careers of Lesbian Gay Bi Transgender artists, fosters the growth of queer arts organizations and serves queer and non-queer audiences alike. By presenting, exhibiting, and screening queer artists’ work, Qcc contributes a multi-cultural perspective on the Lesbian Gay Bi Transgender experience.

Harvey Milk Institute
The goal of the Harvey Milk Institute is to offer educational opportunities to students in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, and queer communities, and our friends. Our course offerings are wide-ranging and diverse, encompassing practical, artistic, cultural and intellectual aspects of queer studies. We seek to foster understanding and communication between the diverse aspects of our community, as well as self-examination. All courses are non-credited and are not graded; they are designed purely for the love of learning.

Qcc Board of Directors
Lucrecia Bermudez
Lenore Chinn
Greg Day
Jeff Jones
Jonathan Katz
Rudy Lemcke
Pam Peniston
Juan Alberto Tam

Support Staff
Kevin Schaub
Iva Walton
Matthew DiGumbia