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Luna Sea Women’s Performance Project

Chutzpah: Jewish Dykes Perform
Friday & Saturday, June 16 & 17; 8pm
Location: Luna Sea, 2940 16th Street #216-C @ South Van Ness Ave
Tickets: $10-$15 sliding scale, 415.863.2989

DykeDrama Festival 2000:
Short Plays By & About Dykes
July 14-August 5
Location: L
Tickets: $14 advance $17 at door

Luna Sea Women’s Performance is proud to present the Second Annual DykeDrama Festival. The Festival runs for four weeks in two parts. Part I is July 14-15 and 27-29. Part II is July 21-23 and August 3-5. The festival will feature five plays each evening by lesbian playwrights Sharon Lewis, Trish Cole, Shirlene Holmes, Claudia L. Vierra Allen, Linda Eisenstein, Amy Kirk, and Elana Dykewomon. Yolanda S. Vierra Allen, Madeleine Lim, and Claudia L. Vierra will direct the Festival. The cast includes 12 amazing dyke actresses including: Richelle Donigan, Catron Booker, Pam Dunn, Janet Arelis Ouezada, Tara Clay, Yolanda S. Vierra Allen, Dawn Rudd, Debra Wright, Ronni Hayon, Megan Harding, and Carol Forward. Last year the Festival was sold out every night, so get your tickets early!