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Opening Night Gala Performance & Party Benefit
Saturday, June 1; 7 – 11pm
FREE Event
Come eat, drink, and celebrate queer art and culture

Come eat, drink, and celebrate queer art and culture at this festival opening night gala party at the SF LGBT Community Center. History will be in the making this evening as the National Queer Arts Festival commemorates its 5th Anniversary and previews talent from the Festival. Highlights include performances, readings, music, video, slideshows, dancing, and more.

Artists scheduled to appear:
Deep Dickollective
Marvin White
CC Carter
Maiana Minahal
Khan Wong
Djola Branner as Sylvester-staircase and opening number
Sini Anderson
Veronica and members of Liquid Fire
Maureen Brownsey
DJ Puss Puss
Keith Hennesey & members of Circo Zero
Pippi Lovestocking
Johnnie Pratt & Other Brothers
Alison Wright
Dolphin Trahan
Tina D’Elia
Gigi Oltavaro video
Kate Riggs

QccTv: Launch at Gala Party
Video clips from the National Queer Arts Festival Archives
Featuring artists:

Alice Walker
Bill T. Jones
Thom Gunn
Stephen Petronio
Eilleen Myles
Annie Sprinkle
Forrest Hamer
Harmony Hammond
Sini Anderson
Armando Rascon
Barry Purves
Cassey Cayotes
Lenore Chinn
Kris Kovic
Meredith Monk
Crystol Negron
Susan Stryker
Liquid Fire

The Opening Night Gala will also feature a launch of new Internet programs developed by the Queer Cultural Center’s Internet Programs Director, Rudy Lemcke.

New! in Gallery 4 of
Artist profiles of “The Women and Art of Lesbian Connexion/s,” Dorothy Allison, Jewelle Gomez, Harmony Hammond, Glenn Ligon, Maron Riggs, Bill T. Jones, and an interactive Web commission my the videographers of the acclaimed “Acting Up For Prisoners” video, Mic Sweney and Eric Slade.

On QccTV see Quicktime videos of artists: Alice Walker, Bill T. Jones, Thom Gunn, Stephen Petronio, Beth Lisick, Susan Stryker, Harriet Dodge, Eilleen Myles, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Combs, Randall Kenana, Forrest Hamer, D.A.Powell, and other stars of the NQAF 2001.