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Rally the Troupes!
Boy Bands Against the War.

Saturday, June 11th, Doors at 8:30pm, Show at 9:00pm
Tickets: $5-$15 Sliding Scale

Please purchase tickets at the door!!

Photo: Reverened Michel

A night of savvy political and sexy performance art…with pom poms!

“The hardest working drag troupe in the business” and reigning San Francisco Drag King Contest winners, The Transformers, rounded up an eclectic mix of drag kings, queens, and burlesque artists from the Bay Area and beyond. These performers have a knack for nailing each song with innovative moves and messages. At times thought provoking, at times erotic, at times hilarious, and most times a mixture of the three, this evening will leave you inspired and craving more!

Featuring original performances by: The Transformers, Burlesque-Esque, Nappy Grooves, Jay Walker, Boi-lesque, Landa Lakes, The Fly Guys, The Dangers, The Lost Boys, Diamond Daggers…and more! Emceed by fabulous Micia Mosely.

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The Fly Guys
Photo: Michelle Bloomberg
Landa Lakes
Photo: Daddy E.
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Photo: Reverned Michel
Micia Mosely
Photo: Chris Ree
Nappy Grooves
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Diamond Daggers
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Photo: Lynnly Labovitz
Jay Walker
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Micia Mosely
Voted one of the “funniest people ever” by her mother, Micia Mosely has been entertaining audiences her whole life. Brooklyn raised, she has spent the last 9 years performing in the Bay Area. Though Micia’s roots are in improvisational comedy, she has shared many different talents over the years. Including stand up comedy, hosting events during East Bay Pride and Liquid Fire’s productions of WET. Micia is also the creator of “Sistahfriends: A Black Lesbian Puppet Experience.” She has co-emceed the women’s stage at San Francisco Pride and the world homo-hop festival. Currently, you can see her perform with the Bay Area’s Own Black Drag King Troupe – Nappy Grooves.”

The Dangers
Jake and Damien Danger are former members of the Disposable Boy Toys, a Santa Barbara-based drag troupe founded in 2000. Since moving to Oakland two years ago and leaving DBT behind, the Dangers having been bringing political, humorous, and sexy drag to queers across the nation.

Diamond Daggers
Diamond Daggers, an extravaganza of queer dancing girls features: the saucy Cherry Lix, the mysterious Daisy Delight, the precious Pinky Swear, the lovely Ruby Sparks, and the brazen Vidalia Paradise tripping-the-light-fantastic. The gals in this surefire cabaret burlesque floorshow will ensnare you with old-fashioned sexy tease, enchant you with classic chorus-girl allure, entertain you with sassy choreographic antics, and leave you begging for more!

Nappy Grooves
The Bay Area’s Own Black Drag King Troupe These brothas are bringin’ you sexy moves on a smooth tip. They’re givin’ anti racist, feminist, fiercely political, fun, funky drag in their performances. They have performed all over California including such local events as Liquid Fire’s WET and Karma.

Nappy Grooves are: Bill Dagger, Mo ‘Nuff, Sweet Switch, Tyrone Peaches

Whose jazz hands are more charged than a Hitachi Magic Wand?

Whose wit is as sharp as really good cheddar?

Whose politically-savvy lyrics make you think while you drink?

That’s not a sequin in your eye, it’s Burlesque-Esque! Burlesque-Esque is a politically-charged yet übersexy band of vixens from across the country who convened in San Francisco to cook, create, and cut the mustard on stage and off. Burlesque-Esque isn’t your typical burlesque troupe (we sing! we dance! we challenge the homogenization of drag!) and like to think of themselves as a funky queer cabaret ensemble replete with saucy political commentary, gender-bending antics, medium-high kicklines and – when they’re in the mood – chocolate cake.

The Fly Guys
The Fly Guys, the dancing drag kings Alex Fly, Charleston Chu, and Anthony da Guido, made their debut in 2004. Their dance routines are campy but varied, showing off all sides of masculinity, from hot boy toughness to softer fabulousness. The Fly Guys, whose formal training includes ballet, jazz, tumbling, modern, hip hop, tap, and cheerleading, pride themselves on efficiency, versatility, and their love for glitter!

Jay Walker
Jay Walker made his debut in the San Francisco drag king scene after spending time performing in Eugene and Portland, Oregon and St. Louis, Missouri. Originally from Miami, Florida, Jay Walker co-founded the St. Louis-based drag king troupe, The Bent Boyz, while attending graduate school. Recently crowned Mr. Trannyshack 2004, Jay Walker is best known as a flamboyant, genderfucking faggot with an edgy, sexy stage presence and a penchant for tear-away costumes that he can rip off during performances. When he is not performing, Jay’s alter ego Jeannie devotes time to research on transgender health issues, intersex activism, bikram yoga, and learning the art of trapeze. Having a little brother in Iraq as part of the Marine Corps makes this event and performance extremely personal.

Jay Walker’s piece on the war on Iraq is especially dedicated to Neill Ashley Sevelius.

With the rebirth of vaudeville and the crowd’s insatiable appetite for burlesque, these bois bring to the stage what San Francisco has been clamoring for, BOI-LESQUE: a real butch burlesque! And nothing has been spared, there’s jazz hands and sequins, man thongs and paddle balls, and so much fun you’ll never know what hit you, but you’ll surely come crying back for more! Brought to you by the talented, gregarious, and enigmatic Sarah Pie West, lead singer and truck-drive for Dyspecific. She’s the charmed neighborhood sweetheart featured in the forthcoming Bearded Lady Book and whatever the Pie West touches turns to gold, so be sure to check out this show, it’ll bring you fortune indeed!