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Ex-Tribe 8 members Silas Howard and Lynnee Breedlove are back minus chicks and guitars. Silas is poignant and handsome. Lynnee is funny and ugly. One is on Vitamin T. One is not. Both want to know what the hell is really real and true.

Lynnee Breedlove’s Confessions of a Poser is a comic look at bodies, the mystery of the purple dick, lesbo legacies and how to use them, fatherhood, butch heroes, and the impossibility of ever being man enough. Buckets and knives are still integral to the show. 

Photo by Erica Beckman

Silas Howard’s Thank you for Being Urgent is a textured tale of a queer punk spilling into the crappy and exalted glitter of Hollywood’s desire and shame. He searches for true tales of fierce outsiders and re-imagines the mainstream, ruminating on American Dream loopholes, burlesque dancers with dementia, and tranny jazzmen.

Breedlove, ex-Tribe 8 singer/lyricist, 1990-2005, is author of the novel Godspeed, now a short film, featuring Adroc of the Beastie Boys and Leslie Mah of Tribe 8. A feature length script went to the second round at the Outfest Screenwriter’s Lab and awaits production. His new book, Lynnee Breedlove’s One Freak Show debuts on Manic D Press in September. He is currently writing a political memoir with his mother, How I Became an American Anarchist: from Hitler and Obama in 70 Years. His comedy solo shows on gender for five years in six languages on two continents and his writing is included in anthologies like Good Advice for Trendy Young People, Word Warriors; and  Lips, Tits, Hips, Power. Rise Above: the Tribe 8 Documentary chronicles the lives of the band Tribe 8, which Silas and Lynnee founded in 1990. 

Silas Howard, (writer, director, and musician), co-directed his first feature, By Hook Or By Crook, with Harry Dodge. The indie classic, a 2002 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL premiere and five-time Best Feature winner, is out on Wolfe video and the Sundance Channel. Howard’s screenplay, Exactly Like You, inspired by the life of Billy Tipton, was a Nantucket Screenwriters Colony fellow and finalist for the 2005 Sundance Filmmaker’s lab. Howard’s short documentary, What I Love About Dying, premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Howard toured nationally and internationally with the band, Tribe 8. The notorious punk band on Alternative Tentacles.  Howard’s writing is featured in the anthologies, “Without a Net: Growing Up Working Class” and “Live Through This “, and the artists’ journal, “LTTR”. Currently Silas is working on a novel centered on San Francisco’s homocore scene in the mid ‘90’s.