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rallythetroupes June 18 & 19
Rally the Troupes 6:
A night of savvy political and sexy queer performance!
Tickets: $15-$20
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Drew Montana & Kentucky Fried Woman
Bay Area favorites are back for their 6th year of Rally the Troupes!! Drew Montana, producer for the last 5 years, joins forces with Kentucky Fried Woman to round up an eclectic mix of drag kings, queens, and burlesque artists from the Bay Area and beyond. These performers have a knack for nailing each song with innovative moves and messages.  From the powerful presence of Simone de la Getto to the hysterical stylings of CHUBB to the always brilliant stagings of Jay Walker, Rally the Troupes 6 is an event you won’t want to miss!

Featuring original performances by: CHUBB, Charleston Chu, Project Monochrome, Brock Cocker, House of Glitter, Brush Arbor Girls, Jay Walker & Sir Loin Strip, The Power Puff Girls, Lance Armstar & Scout B Naughty, Celeste Chan, Simone De La Getto, The Lovesax Sisters, and all the way from Seattle the fabulous Pidgeon Von Tramp. Plus your MC, Kentucky Fried Woman!

Rally the Troupes is presented as part of the SOMArts Affordable Space Program. SOMArts receives funding from the San Francisco Arts Commission with support from Grants for the Arts / Hotel Tax Fund.


Drew Montana & Kentucky Fried Woman. Photo: Joie Rey

Drew Montana (Producer)

Drew Montana was a founding member of the Transformers and founder of CHUBB, a body positive drag troupe. He has also produced of Rally the Troupes as part of the Queer Arts Festival for the last five years. He performs regularly through the bay area with his partner in crime Starr69, CHUBB, and many others. His main focus these days is working with other bay area performers to design shows and numbers that involve great dancing, glitter, and responsible performances!  

Kentucky Fried Woman (Producer/MC)

Currently celebrating 30 years as a tap dancer, Kentucky Fried Woman (KFW) is a queer social justice activist and performance artist who has been performing in and producing cabaret shows since 2000.  A proud resident of Oakland she is the founder of several performance groups including The Queen Bees, ButchBallet, ButchTap & Titland and has also performed and produced as a solo artist and with other queer performance artists, including playing the part of Hermoine Granger in Hogwarts Express: The Musical.  Her productions include the 2006 Femme Conference Saturday Evening Cabaret, After School Special I, II & III, The Wham! Tribute Show, Rally the Troupes IV in the 2008 National Queer Arts Festival, Flabulous! and a monthly queer cabaret that takes place in Oakland called the Kentucky Fried Woman show.  KFW also facilitates workshops around the US and Canada on the intersections of bodies and identities.  She is one of the femmes featured in the book: Femmes of Power where her essay: “Fat Femme Queer…Kentucky Fried” discusses the intersections of her fat, femme and queer identities. 

Charleston Chu

Charleston Chu. Photo: Justin Beck

Charleston Chu is a fussy, Chinese American, drag king/queen, burlesque artist, dancer, and musician who has performed with The Bromantics, Mangoes With Chili, Model Minority Revolt, Butch Tap, The Transformers, The Fly Guys, Eye Candy, Freeplay Dance Crew, and Hogwarts Express: The Musical and in such venues as the International Drag King Extravaganza, Freak Show A Go Go, Brooklyn Pride, SF Pride, Fresh Meat, Kaleidoscope Cabaret, and APAture. On stage, Charleston strives to bring together progressive yet playful political consciousness, a celebration of genderfucking, fierce technical dance choreography, and a love for all things sparkly and fabulous. 

House of Glitter

The House of Glitter. Photo Robert Q Fisher, L to R, Holotta, Landa, Samantha, Miso and Terra 

The House of Glitter is thrilled to be back at Rally The Troupes. More commonly known as the HoGz, this multi-ethnic drag family has established itself well in the Bay Area. Composed of a diverse troupe of drag performers from Glamor to Goth to Camp Drag these girls mix their talents to create fun numbers. Landa Lakes brings her humor, Miso Hornay brings her creativity, Sandra O Noshi-Di’n’t brings  her camp, U-phonia brings her dance, Holotta Tymes brings her talent, Palm Theresa brings alternative stylings and Kenya Pfister brings her loveable quality. 

Simone de la Getto

Simone de la Getto. Photo: Dave Golden.

Named on of the “Sexiest People in the Bay Area” by the San Francisco Bay Guradian in 2001, Simone de la Getto started shaking her fringe-covered behind with the San Francisco Burlesque Troupe in 1996, from there she danced with The Cantankerous Lollies in 1998 and was with them for three years. Tired of being told that she was everyone’s favorite and not knowing if it was because she was Black or talented she became the founder/artistic director of the award-winning “Best Burlesque Troupe 2004” named by the San Francisco Weekly and at The Miss Exotic World Pageant held in Helendale, California, Harlem Shake Burlesque, who upon their arrival on the Neo-Burlesque scene in May of 2003 was the First Black Burlesque Troupe paving the way for the many Black Burlesque performers that are on stage today! They were featured in 7X7 Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40” issue in 2004. Simone has performed at various venues & shows including but not limited to: The Great American Music Hall-SF, Bimbo’s-SF, The Va Va Voom Room-SF, Margaret Cho’s The Sensuous Woman Show-NYC/SF, Le Boudoir-Montreal, Miss Exotic World-Helendale, CA/Las Vegas, New York Burlesque Festival-NYC, Tease-O-Rama-SF, Victoria Theatre-SF, Femme Conference-Seattle/SF, Brown Derby-LA, Fresh Meat-SF, National Queer Arts Festival-SF, Kaleidoscope 2009-SF, Tingle Tangle-SF and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Brush Arbor Gurlz (BAGz)

The Brush Arbor Gurlz. Photo: Hilary Grove, Miso (L) Landa (Center) Samantha (R)

The Brush Arbor Gurlz or the BAGz are composed of Native American Drag Queens representing several tribal nations such as the Chickasaw, Cherokee, Choctaw, Navajo, Ojibwa and Tohono O’odam Nations and even sports one non-Native. These drag queens are out and about in the San Francisco Bay Area and larger Native Two-Spirit communities.   A Brush Arbor Gurl is based on Southeastern tribes usage of building brush arbor for social and religious occasions. It is here that you will find the flirty girls that giggle and flounce beneath the Arbor. Landa Lakes, the matron of the Arbor, will be happy to show you around and introduce you to some of the gurlz with her tonight Kenya Pfister, U-phoria and Miso Hornay. 

Project Monochrome

Project Monochrome is a collection of Bay Area performers who have come together to explore complicated issues through the simplicity of dance. PM will feature Starr 69, Billy the Pouf Elliot, Markus Stone and the Bay Area debut of Roy G. Biv with other special guests. 

Brock Cocker

Brock Cocker. Photo: Ajuan Mance

Butch. Queen. This is Brock Cocker. A mixture of glitter and sequins courses through his veins. He loves colored folks, butches, femmes, fems, studs, dykes, fags, sissies, trantastic chil’rens, gender soldiers and those with a little jiggle in the middle. He’d love you too, if you made his acquaintance.
In 2000, Brock arrived from Detroit (The Motor City) on gossamer wings. Since 2006, he has performed in a variety of shows and fundraisers including Femme2006, Psychedelick Eye, Kentucky Fried Woman’s monthly cabaret, and Flabulous! This summer Brock will be involved with the conference, “Femme2010: No Restrictions” which will be in Oakland, CA in August.
Brock has previously performed as drag queen Eartha Klittt and under the pseudonym Gus D. Windy.

Celeste Chan

Chan Dynasty. Photo: Robinberg Photography

Celeste Chan (aka Chan Dynasty) is a queer API multimedia artist and activist inspired by drag queens, Chinese opera, radical queer cabaret and experimental media. She has performed most recently at Mangos with Chili, Safety Fest, and NQAF. She is an artist-organizer with Shifting Narratives film collective(2008-present) and the 2010 Femme Conference. She also proudly serves on the Board of Community United Against Violence (cuav.org). In collaboration with Kali Boyce, Ms. Dynasty was awarded the “Creating Queer Community” grant by QCC, to produce “Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance” in June 2010. Find out more via her alter-ego’s website: www.celestechan.com.


CHUBB. Photo: Jae Sevelius – (top row left to right – Jake Danger, Delicio Del Toro, Drew Montana, front row left to right – Beary Craves, Lyric Styles, & Gabe Oi) 

CHUBB. These chunky hunks are ready to punch your clocks and work it overtime with flabulously sexy king-sized faggotry. They made their debut three years ago at Rally the Troupes and are back! Drawn together by their fetish for accessories, lust for lunch breaks, and urge to undulate they dare to live large and dream big. Featuring Drew Montana, Jake Danger, Beary Craves, Delicio Del Toro, Lyric Styles & Gabe Oi. CHUBB, because size . . . does matter!   

The Lovesax Sisters

The Lovesex Sisters. Photo: Emily Lebsack (left to right – E & E) 

The Lovesex Sisters. E & E are Wild West-bred and bound to the Bay by threads of community. Their sassy sense of style and silliness will scintillate your synapses. 

Pidgeon Von Tramp

Pidgeon Von Tramp. Photo: Molly Bennett of Fat Bottom Boudoir

With the goal of making you laugh infused into every piece she creates Pidgeon Von Tramp brings humor into everyday events brought to the stage. Of course she may also try to sneak in a little taboo and a smidge of thought provoking politics. Pidge currently produces quarterly shows in Seattle with Pidgeon Coop Productions. 

Lance Armstar

Lance ArmStar. Photo: Jen Gilomen

Lance ArmStar has been performing with the awe inspiring ButchTap for the last two years. Before that he was found sharing stage with The Citizen Kings, Dancing with the Star Trekkie., Saucy Knickers and Hogwarts Express. Dancing is his reason to live. 

Scout B. Naughty

Scout B. Naughty. Photo: Melanie Green

Scout B. Naughty. Born on the wrong side of the bridge and tunnel, hailing from the East, East, East Bay, Scout B. Naughty has graduated to the big city of Oakland, CA. While he can usually be found dueting at a local karaoke bar, this performance will reunite him, on the big stage, with his favorite boy toy love, Lance Armstar. Scout B. Naughty has previously been seen with the boys of Rhythmless Nation and in a previous Rally the Troupes show with the Saucy Knickers. 

Keshet Crew

Keshet Crew is a group of Jewish queers coming together to explore Jewish culture and politics through performance. Performers include former members of Hogwarts Express the Musical, The Tranformers, Burlesque-Esque, The Citizen Kings, and ButchTap as well as novices to the Bay Area stage. L’chaim!  

Jay Walker

Jay Walker. Photo: Larry Utley

Jay Walker choreographed the majority of his fag-drag repertoire while lip-synching to Wham! at slumber parties. A devoted CHUBB chaser and life-long connoisseur of bedazzled man-thongs, Jay Walker also enjoys eyeliner, hip thrusts, and people who are really, really smart. 

Cherry Poppins

Cherry Poppins (aka Allison Stelly). Photo: Beau Toxic

Cherry Poppins (aka Allison Stelly) is a queer femme artist, performer, writer, and organizer. She spent 7 years in Austin, TX, producing a drag troupe, co-founding a radical queerleading squad, building femme and other queer community, making zines, and organizing events. New to the Bay Area and loving it, she’s focusing on her own performance and art again, co-chairing the Media Committee for the 2010 Femme Conference, and trying to live the dream. Off stage, Cherry crafts like it’s going out of style, journals obsessively, and leaves a trail of glitter in her wake. 


Starr 69 / Corky St. Flair. Photo: Cara Delaquilla

Starr 69 / Corky St. Flair has been performing femme drag, drag king, and burlesque in the Bay Area and beyond since 2002. A member of such renowned troupes as the Transformers, Burlesque-Esque and Titland, she also directed and appeared in Hogwarts Express: The Musical! This is her sixth straight Rally the Troupes appearance. When not spreading glitter and radical politics across stages, she is the Director of Communication Strategies at the Ella Baker Center in Oakland and is a reader, foodie, aspiring urban gardener, and fairy princess. 

Sir Loin Strip

Sarah Paradise aka Sir Loin Strip. Photo: R.A. McBride

Sarah Paradise aka Sir Loin Strip is a principal in Diamond Daggers, holds the last official Mr. Trannyshack title from 2005 and is thus Mr. Trannyshack in perpetuity, and was the lead singer of the Bay Area’s Dyspecific.