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Now in its third year, Formerly Known As started as an art project to expand the conversation around sex work to include more men and transgender people. Shows have been packed with people hungry for performance, video, music and writing that speaks to the experience of sex workers who are male and trans. Female sex workers have historically led the way politically and creatively, so we hope this festival is an incubator for more male and transgender artists to join the dialogue. 

This year we are thrilled to be hosted by the Center for Sex and Culture in their brand new storefront space. 

Expect batshit performance art, electronic mayhem, opera, smut, stand up comedy and who knows what else. Because I’m just a curator, not these peoples’ parent.


Performers will be split between two nights.


Kirk Read (performer and host) is the author of “How I Learned to Snap” and director of Army of Lovers. He has toured nationally with the Sex Workers Art Show, the Queen’s English and Sister Spit. He cohosts the longrunning queer open mics K’vetsh and Smack Dab. He created the show “This is the Thing” and this year’s “Computer Face.” He worked at St. James Infirmary as volunteer coordinator and as an HIV counselor and phlebotomist.


Philip Huang is the Founder of the Home Theater Festival.  Please check out at his work by searching his name on Youtube.  He is honored to be a part of the Male Sex Worker Art Show.


Cyd Nova remembers, as a youth, masturbating to the following fairy tales: The Little Prince being dommed by that uppity rose, Beauty and the (pre-transition) Beast getting it on after one of his temper tantrums, Blue Beard and that enticing forbidden room, and the hall of beautiful heads in ‘Return to Oz’ that the witch Mombi keeps to exchange with her own.  So it should not be a surprise that now he is a trouble-making transsexual hooker (with a heart of gold) who resides in San Francisco with a small gay dog.


Double Duchess is a musical performance duo with Krylon Superstar and David Richardson. Their music can he heard at


Cassandra Gorgeous is a San Francisco drag queen who discovered her writing voice while writing casual encounter ads on Craigs List.  She keeps a blog of her hilarious encoutners on  She also performs standup comedy around the Bay Area.  Ask your local promoter to book her for a set!


TTBaum is an interdisciplinary artist and sexual healer who recently immigrated to San Francisco from Boston. On the East Coast he founded and continues to produce the new performance art series EFFECTUS. His most recent work uses performance and installation; he includes painting, sculpture and new media in his repertoire. In San Francisco he has had the honor of performing with Keith Hennessey, and creating work for Philip Huang’s Home Theater Festival. In Boston, his work has been exhibited and performed at Rhys Gallery, Mobius, Samson Projects, Space 242, and Gallery Kayafas. For over a year, TT has been collaborating on The WEDLOCK Project with his husband Michael Grohall and other artists ( He has curated exhibitions for both Rhys Gallery and galleries at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 


George Birimisa is an 85 year old playwright who helped invent gay theatre back in the Sixties in Greenwich Village. He wrote the lengendary S&M GYM, a fifteen chapter blistering novel that was published in DRUMMER magaine 30 years ago. He teaches creative writing at the LGBT Center and a collection of his plays will be published by Moving Finger Press in the summer of 2009. It is called PLAYS, PORTRAITS AND PORNO.


Avant-crooner and balladeer, Christraper Sings, writes and performs doleful songs with an ear to the great depressed composers of past to modern. Taking performative and musical cues from ritual Satanism, German opera, Black Metal and the songs of 15th century lutenist John Dowland; he utilises a full baritone to countertenor vocal range to build layered, lush harmonies accompanied by simple electronic and acoustic sound arrangements. The effect is at once beautiful, hypnotic and haunting.


Ben McCoy is a writer, performer, and actress living in San Francisco. Ben has toured the states twice, the most recent being with the legendary Sister Spit. Alongside baby-wipes, lubricants, and poppers, one may find monologues, essays, one-person shows, and various short films deep in McCoy’s handbag. An original descendant of the infamous Hatfield vs. McCoy feud in Kentucky, Ben’s stories are as sharp as same-day express delivery 4-inch stilettos from Fredericks of Hollywood.


Brontez Purnell is a zinester, writer, dancer and musician, who now lives in California. Brontez was originally from Triana, Alabama, then moving to Huntsville, Alabama, and then to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he released Schlepp Fanzine while still living at home. He then relocated on his own to Oakland, California, where he released his next zine, Fag School. Three issues of the zine have been released to date. During this time he was in a number of punk bands. After his arrival in California, he briefly played guitar for the band Panty Raid, with Seth Bogard, and then joined the group Gravy Train!!!!, (as ‘Junx’). He is also the mastermind behind the band The Younger Lovers. He has performed with the band Hot Ass Sex Bomb with members Janelle Hessig and Vice Cooler and, as well, he DJs at clubs in San Francisco. Brontez has written for various publications, including the on-line edition of Jigsaw, and has also written a column called “She’s Over It” for Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll