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Within this theme, This is What I Want (and within the consideration of performing this theme) there is density, trigger, confusion, risk, trickery, lying, and the telling of some serious truths. As creator and head curator, Jesse Hewit stumbled through extensive discourse about this event; fielding complex and perhaps impossible questions about the intent and social necessity of such a project.

Produced by: Jesse Hewit, Rachael Dichter, and THEOFFCENTER

Curated by: Jiz Lee, Jesse Hewit, Rachael Dichter, Keith Hennessy, and Michelle Tea
Presenting Word by: Mica Signourney, Jason Torres Handcock, Xandra Ibarra, Harold Burns, Annie Danger MARTINE WHITEHEAD, Chase Joynt, Monique Jenkinson, Ben Mccoy, Kevin Seaman, Dacia Holliday, Vagina Jenkins and Tessa Wills.

Co-presented With: SOMArts and The Garage

Come see how brave and crazy and sexy we are. Come see what we want.

This Is What I Want will present work from the following

Monday June 27th and Tuesday June 28th

Mica Sigourney

Mica Sigourney is San Francisco based performance artist and curator. As student of theater and performance for 25 years, Sigourney has specialized in physical theater, improvisation and site specific performance. 6 years ago he fled the proscenium stage and traditional venues and refocused his energies on go-go performance installations and the populace stages of the nightlife. 2 years ago he created drag persona VivvyAnne ForeverMORE! and since has performed on stages and festivals in San Francisco, L.A. New York, and London, and in the deYoung, the New Museum (nyc) and Yerba Buena Center for the arts. Sigourney also produces the WORK MORE! series, a twice a year drag production featuring nightlife performers presented in a “real” theater context, where their processes are exposed, and their boundaries pushed. As a writer his work has been featured at the RADAR reading series. You can find him every Friday night at the STUD where he hosts SOME THING a weekly drag/art/dance party.

Jason Torres Hancock

Jason Torres Hancock is a performing artist native to the Bay Area. Jason is a recent graduate of Naropa University’s M.F.A. in Contemporary Performance. Before attending Naropa, Jason lived in San Francisco and performed with various dance companies and performance companies such as Out/Rage, Company Chaddick, and in Eric Rofes’ Test/Positive/Now. From 2002 to 2009 Jason created dance/theatre works as a solo-artist and for his performance collaborative, GROUP. GROUP was an AIRspace Artist-in-Residence at The Jon Sims Center in 2005 and was selected for an encore performance in the Queer Arts Festival in 2006. Jason has been a Patient Educator for medical students since 2006.
Xandra Ibarra

Xandra Ibarra
La Chica Boom/Xandra Ibarra is a performance artist, ecdysiast, and community organizer that explores Chican@ iconography, issues of race, gender and sexuality. Through the practice of ethnic drag, alternative dance, theatre, performance art, neo-burlesque, and clowning, La Chica Boom provides a biting satire that points to contemporary and historical escandalos.

In addition to touring North America as a solo performer and with the various Vaudeville and Burlesque Roadshows, she is the founder and producer of Kaleidoscope, An Annual National People of Color Cabaret, the first national event dedicated to cabaret and neo-burlesque performers of color in the U.S.

Harold Burns

Harold Burns is a queer performer and organizer based in Oakland, CA. He has performed with the Olimpias Project (Berkeley), Minna Harri (SF), and Alicia Ohs (NYC/SF). He studied dance and performance art at Reed College and with several Bay area dance makers (Blanche Brown, Portsha Jefferson, Michelle Martin, Keith Hennessy, Petra Kuppers, Neil Marcus, Margit Galanter, Abby Crain, Jorge Rodolfo de Hoyos).

Brendan Burns is a activist and vagabond who currently lives between Central American and Baltimore, MD. He is a recent graduate of Warren Wilson College (Asheville, NC) where he studied dance and political science. He trained as a an actor at Baltimore School for the Arts.

Anna Martine Whitehead

Anna Martine Whitehead uses video, puppets, sound, and movement to address queer, deracinated, disremembered histories. In a range of capacities – including burlesque performer, puppeteer, death metal drummer, lone wolf, and cowboy crooner – Anna Martine has shown and performed at numerous galleries, theatres, and backyards in the Bay Area and beyond (including Southern Exposure, Climate Theatre, SOMArts, and CounterPULSE in San Francisco, the Bronx Museum and Gallery The in New York, The High Museum in Atlanta, and galleri bob in Gothenburg, Sweden). Her work has been noted in the SF Bay Guardian, the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times, and LA Weekly. She is a recent graduate of California College of the Arts, with a Masters in Fine Arts, Social Practice. She will be performing with the Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance in July at the African American Arts and Culture Complex.

Annie Danger

Annie Danger wants it all. She wants it deep. She is a fierce and determined proponent of the hybrid; the solution of all solutions: the way to cut the cake so everyone gets the biggest slice. In short, she has her compass firmly pointed toward utopia and is trudging, lovingly and gracefully, with you as her counterpart, toward that goal. She wants nothing less than your full and shining commitment to your own brilliant politics. She wants the fire in your belly to join forces with the fire in your heart and the screaming, brilliant logician in your brain: Annie Danger wants it all. She is an Albuquerque, NM, born and raised trans woman with a penchant for the theatrical and deep roots in the radical. Find her on Facebutt or at:

Wednesday June 29th and Thursday June 30th

Chase Ryan Joynt

Chase Ryan Joynt is a Toronto-based filmmaker, performer and writer. Joynt’s latest film Everyday to Stay is currently showing at festivals in Canada, the US and internationally, his recent writing can be found in Original Plumbing Magazine, Shameless Magazine and the anthology Letters For My Brothers; and his most awkward emotional processing can be found both on a stage and in a journal near you.

Monique Jenkinson

Monique Jenkinson has created and performed everywhere in San Francisco from the de Young to the Stud, and in NYC, LA, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and London. Her solo show Faux Real played in New York and London after its premiere at Climate Theater, and Luxury Items, commissioned by ODC with an extended run at CounterPULSE, earned her an SF Bay Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Award (GOLDIE) for Performance, SF Weekly’s ‘Best Performance Artist 2010’ and 7X7 Magazine’s ‘Hot 20 Under 40.’ Her drag queen persona, Fauxnique made history as the first woman to win SF’s infamous Miss Trannyshack Pageant and was named SF Bay Guardian’s ‘Best Drag Act.’

Ben Mc Coy

Ben McCoy is a writer, versatile performance artist, and at times, a short film vixen. McCoy has has toured the country twice, most recently with Sister Spit. Ben has slung words, stilettos, and served slices of LOL-pie to audiences while raising a well-manicured finger to homo-and-transphobia and misogyny everywhere. Surprisingly not a Leo, McCoy is a quardruple Scorpio. In 2010 Ben was nominated for a San Francisco Literary Foundation of the Arts award and appears in the anthology Persistance: All Ways Butch and Femme available this April.

Kevin Seaman

Kevin Seaman is a 28 year old queer San Francisco resident that creates performance and video art with an absurd and comedic edge. By creating accessible and humorous work, he brings smiles to the faces of down-trodden people and belonging to those dealing with issues of isolation, acceptance, depression, and queer identity. Kevin has a background in theatre including various styles of acting and dance, as well as costume design and construction. In addition to bettering his arts community via the philanthropic sector by day, Kevin continues to develop his skills in creating and presenting independent performance art, expanding his knowledge of video production and post-production, and building queer community around the clock. His videos are viewable at

Dacia Holliday

Dacia Holliday is a self-identified Indigenous Queer who writes poetry. She has always found solace in words and poems because of their ability to help her make sense of the senseless. Dacia’s journey of sexual healing began this past December, on the longest night of the year, when the full moon gave her blood back (Winter Solstice/Lunar Eclipse). Since that glorious night, she has reshaped her experience of sex and her sexuality, discovering that they are sites of celebration, exploration, spirit work, and sun exploding pleasure. She now knows the value of an empowered sexuality, and the power cultivated through its reclamation. It is her purest intent to sing her soul songs through poetry, finding words as others uncover theirs.

Vagina Jenkins

Since 2003, The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins has been gracing stages from London, England to Paris, Kentucky with her sensually charged brand of femme performance art meets classic burlesque.
The Lady is so electric, she’s the very reason the lights went down in Georgia. She puts the Gee! In LGBT and is the sexiest thing to ever go bump in your night! The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins has been called “Atlanta’s Best Burlesque Dancer”, a “big, bold and beautiful treasure.“ Critics have called her “Sophisticated”, “Complex”, and “Unique.” No matter the adjective, she is sure to knock your stockings off! Check for dates in your town!

Tessa Wills

Tessa Wills is a a choreographer and live artist with some success behind her as an artist and arts leader in Brussels, London and Vienna, who has chosen to live in San Francisco because of the sensuality of the city. Her background comes from Music through Ballet and Contemporary dance training to Live Art, and now moving back into an interrogation of dance, and its inherent value/not.

Her current concerns in practice are around wounds, punctures, liminality and the movement organizational principles of birds. As well as that esoteric aspect her work frequently embodies a ‘manically charged present’ with the audience which faces the terrifying aspect of sharing reality in the here and now; an ontology of presence. Recently Tessa has completed a 22 minute solo, “bird and person dyning” performed at Too Much!, a commission for the Meridian Gallery, Union Square San francisco called “flicker/follow”, and an 11minute dance film funded by the British Council called “mine/scratch/mine”. She is leading a bay area dramaturgy group to investigate and reflect the cultural identity of the area on an international scale. She is completing the theoretical aspect of her masters in choreography at Middlesex University in London.

Come see how brave and crazy and sexy we are. Come see what we want.

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