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The 9th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival premieres an unprecedented 55 short films in 5 screening programs.  The Festival Focus includes a Featured Screening that explores culture, tradition and activism, from the waves of feminism to the simmering revolutions among Southwest Asian, North African/Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian (SWANA/AMEMSA) communities, followed by a discussion with artists and activists.  The festival also showcases films from across the U.S. created through the QWOCMAP Film & Freedom Academy.  From the intoxicating first kiss to candlelit prayer rugs, to the ebb and flow between parents and children, this festival is awash with films that fill our spirits.  From the deep reservoirs of Hawaiian and Navajo cultures, to the buoyant swells of chosen families, to the radical creative founts of queer artists, dive into the depths and soak up the juicy possibilities of these powerful films!

June 14 – 16
9th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival
Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP)
Brava Theater
2789 24th Street (at York), San Francisco
Friday, Opening Night Screening: Tender Possibilities at 7:30pm
Saturday Afternoon, Centerpiece Screening: Unfolding Beauty at 3pm
Saturday Night, Featured Screening: Bridge To Truth at 7pm
Sunday Afternoon, Centerpiece Screening: Choosing Us at 2pm
Sunday, Closing Night Screening: LifeGiving at 6pm
FREE (donations are welcome)
After parties
$10 – $25 sliding scale

Website: www.qwocmap.org/festival.html
Facebook: Facebook.com/qwocff
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/qwocmapsf
YouTube:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw2_maFV8lY


Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
California Arts Council
Nathan Cummings Foundation
Grants for the Arts
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Horizons Foundation
Liberty Hill Foundation
NEA (National Endowment for the Arts)
San Francisco Arts Commission
San Francisco Foundation
Zellerbach Foundation


Roots of Struggle
by Director Kay Cuajunco

Friday, June 14, 7pm

Celebrate the “Bridge To Truth” Festival Focus and the 9th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival at this opening night party, with SWNANA/AMEMSA DJs that mix powerful waves of music.

Your Kiss  (Enajite Pela, 2013)
First Date  (Be Steadwell, 2012)
Sleeze’s Dream  (Larena Burno, 2013)
the ride  (Shawn Demmons, 2013)
Talking  (Jordyn Muldrow, 2012)
The Fiction of the Fix  (Cathy Sitzes, 2012)
I’ve Been To Manhattan  (StormMiguel Florez, 2012)
Back At One  (Jeunee Simon, 2012)
Chasing Love  (Chris Valente, 2012)
Miss Nizhoni  (Carey Tully, 2010)
Roots of Struggle  (Kay Cuajunco, 2013)
Dinner For Two  (Ami Nashimoto, 2012)
Running Time: 92 minutes

Friday, June 14, 10pm
DJ Emancipacion & DJ Khalilah from Pittsburgh
2565 Mission Street @ 22nd St, SF
Bar Menu


still from Love. Dangerous. Heal. by Director Joy Yejide KMT

Saturday, June 15, 3pm

From bois in search of the perfect haircut, to the land and legacies that sustain us, to a triumphant anthem of lesbian identity, these films leap joyously into the strong currents of community.

Boi: A Story About Hair  (Stacy Umezu, 2012)
Seedlings  (Ana Maria Aguero Jahannes, 2013)
Up & Out  (Nicole Love, 2012)
Straight Jacket (Christine Liang, 2013
Life Keeps Moving  (Lue Simcoe, 2012)
The Secret Holder  (Glenda Savage, 2013)
The Queer Specimen  (Pardis Esmaeli, 2013)
Restless Beauty  (Talia Boyd, Autumn Chacon, 2013)
The Dancer’s Room  (Tai Rockett, 2013)
This Is Our Inheritance  (Terri Denne, Bekezela Mguni, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, 2013)
Love. Dangerous. Heal.  (Joy Yejide KMT, 2013)
I Am Lesbian  (Nico Capri, Brandon Jones, Cris Owens, 2013)
Running Time:  82 minutes

still from Once Upon A Time by Director Happy Hyder

Saturday, June 15, 7pm

The fertile histories and lush cultures of Southwest Asian, North African/Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian (SWANA/AMEMSA) communities drown in vilification, yet hope and activism spring up around the world.  From candlelit prayer rugs to sweaty nights as a DJ, to feminist waves that carry across the seas, to unheard perspectives on the simmering Syrian revolution, these films honor their stories, resistance and truth.  After the screening, filmmakers and activists converge in a panel discussion, to surface from the raging depths of Islamophobia and racism, and bridge LGBTQ human rights, spiritual acceptance and social justice movements.

Once Upon a Time…  (Happy Hyder, 2012)
Fahisha  (Nabila Eltantawy, 2012)
Double Shift  (Shartaraw Moses, Khalillah Shabazz, 2013)
The Invitation  (Heba Gamal, 2009)
Of Truth A Canvas  (Monely Soltani, 2012)
Resistance & Subsistance  (Shreya Shah, 2013)
A Letter Home  (Shazi Davis, 2009)
Passing Through Like Water  (Monely Soltani, 2009)
Revolution Syria  (Weyam Ghabian, 2013)
Running Time: 100 minutes

still from Love Needs No Words by Director Susana Caceres

Sunday, June 16, 2pm

From the drift between mother and daughter, to the crashing undertow of exes, to the bouyant swells of chosen family, this afternoon is awash with films that fill our spirits.

Obachan  (Martha Tio Eshleman, 2013)
Breath  (Randi Romo, 2013)
The Queering of Her Anxiety  (Karolyn Wong, 2012)
Triggered  (Arnetta Smith, 2012)
Committed  (Gaby Rodriguez, 2012)
This We’ll Defend  (Davelle Barnes, 2013)
My Father, Maria Callas and Me  (Annette Clough, 2011)
Love Needs No Words  (Susana Caceres, 2013)
The Green house  (Sugriel Reyes, 2013)
Corazón de Familia  (QWOCMAP Productions, 2013)
Program Length: 80 minutes

still from A Long Journey Home by Directors Rose Pulliam, Katrina Simpson, Louise Garey

Sunday, June 16, 6pm

From the deep reservoirs of Hawaiian and Navajo cultures to Caribbean mangroves, from the humid South to the radical creative founts of queer artists, the confluence of these films shows that land and art are tributaries of freedom.

Remembering Ana  (Priscilla Hale, 2013)
Ka Mana O Ke Ola  (Megan Cabral, 2013)
From Far Afield  (Lyndon K Gill, 2013)
A Long Journey Home  (Louise Garey, Rose Pulliam, Katrina Simpson, 2013)
Shi’Life  (Carrie House, 2013)
Life Y Pozole  (Candy Guinea, 2012)
Survivn’  (Toi Scott, 2013)
Faceplant  (Ingrid Hu Dahl, 2013)
Finding Serendib (Jennifer Brody, 2013)
A Journey To Beauty  (Glenda Dillingham, 2013)
Trees  (Lillian Stevens, 2013)
Devin Howard: Potter  (Carey Tully, 2013)
The Worlds of Bernice Bing  (Madeleine Lim, 2013)
Running Time: 85 minutes

Sunday, June 16, 9pm
DJ Wepa & DJ AlmiuX
2925 16th Street @ S. Van Ness, SF
Award Ceremony at 10pm

The Audience Award for Best Film will close out the 9th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival.  Join us for fierce fun with fabulous friends!