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appendix CAAM FEST
</3 Appendix Collective / Performance | May 10 | 6 – 9pm | LGBT Community Center Memories to Light | May 15 | 7:10pm | Kabuki Theater
</3 embodies the unspoken heartache in relationships with family, home, lovers, work, neighborhoods and ancestral colonial trauma. Inspired by pre-war cannery workers, Tina Takemoto’s ON THE LINE offers a queer meditation on the Japanese American women who cleaned the tuna, worked the assembly line, and found same-sex intimacy amid fish guts while the men were off to sea. Tina’s film is part of the Memories to Light program of CAAM.
Paradise – Topsy Turvy | May 17 -19 | 8pm | Brava Queer Rebels | May 25 – 26 | 7:30pm | AAACC
Topsy-Turvy Queer Circus’ Afro-surrealist trilogy, PARADISE, culminates in an epic finale featuring aerial and acrobatic dance, film, and vogue. As disorder overtakes her world, the Angel must unify the gods of PARADISE to defy the beast that stalks them. As we celebrate 10 years as a QTPOC Arts Organization, who better than QTPOC artists to weave a vibrant tomorrow from the ashes of a dying system? Queer Rebels looks towards the future and to creating the world we want and need through two evenings of music, dance, performance, video and readings
Weighted Acceptance | May 26  | Fort Mason / Firehouse
Existence as Resistance | May 30 | 7:30pm | AAACC
Weighted Acceptance explores the intersectional oppressions faced by People Of Color. This multidisciplinary performance seeks to heal urban communities by deepening the understanding of weights we collectively carry. Weighted Acceptance offers space to heal through movement and spoken word. Still Here VI centers the experiences of queer Black artists raised in SF as they weave a collective memory of Black queer San Francisco by calling upon their resilience and magic. They show us how they resist just by continuing to exist here.
Solo Date | May 31 thru June 2 | various times | Southside
Performing Visible Resilience | May 31 | 7pm | Humanist Hall
Ho-Nien endeavors to reconstruct his deceased lover through artificial intelligence and social media. Innovative, elegant and moving, Solo Date uses new media to explore loneliness and longing, death and desire. It asks profound questions about morality in our interactive world. Performing Visible Resilience is an immersive visual arts exhibition and performance showcase featuring the stories and works of LGBTQ Asian Pacific American artists.
Technotihuacan | June 1 | 7pm | SOMArts Cultural Center The State of Black Bodies | June 2| 7:30pm | East Side Arts Alliance
TechnoTihuacan combines live DJing and Video Art remixed into a living, digital mural exploring the intersectional story of Latinx contemporary life. This performance/video exhibition examines border politics, de-colonialism, queer sex, Afro-Latinx visibility, pop culture, trans identity and spirituality.


The State of Black Bodies is a poetic interdisciplinary stage production exploring the beauty and audacity of the Black Body. Examining the current state of blackness in America, it creates space for awareness through the lens and voice of the black woman; allowing black girls and women to be/feel empowered.


MUSEic – A Love Affair | June 3 | 3 – 9pm | SOMAR Bar Procedures for Entering Enclosed Spaces | June 4 | 6pm | Qulture Collective
Join us for a special day celebrating the most influential queer women and women of color in Oakland/SF past, present, and future with vendors Bushmama Africa & T. Christal and performances by LaniGrooves, The Plush One, DJ Nina Sol, and DJ Slum B and pyrography art by Artist & the DJ! The exhibit is an interactive series of dioramas that reflects on the current political climate and invites viewers to choose various methods for wellness and self-care.
Placeholders Trans Resistance is Beautiful
PlaceHolders | June 5 | 7:30pm |SFAC Galleries
Trans Resistance is Beautiful | June 6 | 6pm | LGBT Community Center
Wherever queers go, they carry with them the places that shaped them.  Five queer artists explore how homelands inspire, console, amuse, hurt, and shape us. Artists include Audacious IAM, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Storm Miguel Florez, Dawn Rudd, and Natalia Vigil with your host & mc, Jaime Cortez. Prints of original art from the frontlines of trans liberation movements. Artists include Micah Bazant, Chucha Marquez, Ethan X Parker, Art Twink, Amir Khadar, Rommy Sobrado-Torrico, Mojuicy, Edxie Betts, and more.
A History of Violence | June 7 | 6 – 9pm | SOMArts Cultural Center
Qball | June 7 | 7 – 8pm | SOMArts Cultural Center
A History of Violence is a history of becoming. Explore the work of artists who gaze deeply into the flame of violence and reveal a compelling look into the queer psyche. Opening Reception for A History of Violence features food, drink, music and the QBall: #resistance performances from artists of the 2018 National Queer Arts Festival!
Radar Superstar | June 7 | 6pm | SF Public Library
 QWOCFF | June 8 – 10 | Various Times | Brava

Bring your tiaras, your rhinestone-encrusted bustiers and your tulle skirts, Radar is celebrating her QUINCEAÑERA and you’re invited!

From hip hop Native warrior women too feral for the patriarchy to the smoldering romance of two elderly Latina lesbians so hot that it incinerates prejudice, these films are a barometer for our revolutionary tomorrow.
Queer Latin Dance Festival | June 8 & 9 | Trilliant & OAAC Memorya | June 9 | 5 pm door | Bindlestiff

Kick Off Party! Come dance with us! In Lak’ech Dance Academy presents the FIRST Queer Latin Dance Festival!  This celebration includes two days of Workshops by guest instructors from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles; Choreography Challenges, Show-case Performances, Social Dancing, and a live band from NYC!

 Memorya weaves voices of elders and emerging artists into narratives of collective strength and wisdom. We look to our past and to future generations as we explore healing within communities of resilience. Kreatibo has used video, movement and multimedia performance to center Queer Filipin@ diaspora since 2003.
A Roof Over My Head Embrace Emerging Artists
Roof Over My Head | June 10 | 5pm | AAACC
Emerging Artists Show | June 11 | 7:30pm | EastSide Arts Alliance
A satirical musical written by Tommi Avicolli Mecca and Alison C Wright that reflects the absurd nature of the Bay Area’s housing crisis. Whether you own or rent this show is a must see event! This year’s Emerging Artists Showcase is a kaleidoscope of wonder, intrigue and Queer investigation. This interdisciplinary multimedia journey into Queer discovery is one of compassion, movement, music, projection and meaning, making for a night you don’t want to miss.
The Whistle
The Whistle | June 12 | 7:30pm |Ninth St. Independent Film Enough | June 13 | 7:30pm | AAACC
 A 45 year old Latinx trans man returns to his birthplace – Albuquerque, New Mexico – in search for the origin of a secret lesbian code he learned when he identified as a teenage dyke in the 80s.​ How do we know our worth as disabled, queer, folks of color? Can we ever realize we are already enough?  This performance uses dance, music, poetry, ritual, and magic to explore one woman’s journey to discovering her worth.
Queer As Fuck Fresh Meat
Queer As Fuck | June 14 – June 30 | Bindlestiff
Fresh Meat Festival | June 14 – 16 | 8pm | Z space
Queer as Fuck is a short play festival for the lovers and the fighters that features multi-generational stories of resistance written and performed by local artists of color and our allies. Outrageously popular and finger-licking-good: the Fresh Meat Festival is the nation’s premiere transgender and queer performance festival. Award-winning trailblazers and national LGBT art-stars perform in three programs of modern dance, live music, comedy, aerial dance, theater and much more. All shows are followed by Fresh Meat’s famous after-parties with DJs, drinks and dancing!
Black Magic | June 15 | 7:30pm | EastSide Arts Alliance
Queeriosity | June 15 & 16 | 7pm | Flight Deck & SF Main Library
Black Magic is an interactive interdisciplinary performance that lifts black queer voices to resist anti-Blackness and homophobia and reimagines new possibilities for the twenty-first century and beyond. Be ready to listen, laugh and sing into the future. A dynamic showcase celebrating the LGBTQQIA+ voices in the Bay Area, starting with our Youth! In a world where all that we are is not always [allowed] to exist: we exist anyway. We claim every inch of our voice as worthy of this life, and we live it [aloud].
 A History of Violence Tour & Film | June 16 | 11am Tour & Film| SOMArts Cultural Center
Javi’s Home | June 16 | 2pm | LGBT Community Center
Join exhibition curator Rudy Lemcke for a tour of the History of Violence exhibition followed by a free screening of Arthur Dong’s award winning film, Licensed to Kill. Javi, a shy six-year-old foster child, just wants to go home. But when he meets his two new moms he discovers that home is where you are loved. Puppetry, masks and music tell the story! Great for ages 6 and up.
Drag Queer Story Hour SPRINT
Drag Queen Storyhour | June 16 | 11am | SFMOMA
Sprint | June 17 | 2  & 7pm | Flight Deck
Join Radar Productions, the San Francisco Public Library and SFMOMA for our pride Drag Queen Story Hour with Honey Mahogany! Welcome to people of all ages, but designed especially for kids. Nana Duffuor and Indigo Mateo lead an ensemble cast in a powerful performance blending film, theater, music, and dance to tell the coming of age story of a queer black child of Ghanaian immigrants, discovering herself (and her dignity) in White America.

ART HEART Beautiful Being
 ART Heart | June 17 | 5 & 8pm | ATA
Beautiful Being | June 17 | 1pm | Humanist Hall
A collage, a mixtape, a love letter to future queer/trans teens, ART Heart is a DIY documentary that sifts through herstory, and refocuses the frame on race/class/and resistance within riot grrrl/queercore lineage. How can we decolonize the body with the inner beauty we’ve been seduced away from knowing? An audience-interactive choreopoem, Beautiful Being uses poetry, song, and healing movements to awaken ancestral wisdoms and evoke a future where our bodies are fully liberated.
They Wore Love and Resistance Dontuntrah Workshop & Screening
 They Wore Love & Resistance | June 18 |
8pm | Yoshi’s Oakland
Global Masquerade Program | June 20 | 7:30 | AAACC
This performance features queer jazz, folk, soul and world music artists. Each one shares—through song—their unique stories of truth, freedom and justice to create an intimate conversation illustrating the struggles and triumphs of queer life. Time to twirl for the Gods!  Join this vibrant street dance ceremony honoring queer ancestors of color and allies.  This evening includes a community werkshop & presentation with street dance performance film.  “DANCE I SAY” with Dontuntrah!
Afro-Queer Masquerade Parade | June 21 | 5pm | Starts at GLBT History Museum
Home and Abroad | June 21 | 7:30pm | AAACC
Global Mask Parade. Time to twirl for the Gods!  Join this vibrant street dance ceremony honoring queer ancestors of color and allies.  Accompanied by the hottest up and coming queer performing artists in the bay area! This extravagant spectacle includes a community werkshop & presentation with a street dance performance revealing a new Afrofuturistic masquerade suit.  “DANCE I SAY” with Dontuntrah! This program presents the work of queer artists from the Caribbean and its diaspora: the filmmakers hail from Colombia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, and the United Kingdom. In comedy and drama, and with animation and lyrical and experimental styles, they tell stories of love, desire, and self-discovery. The subjects are Caribbean carnival, the coming-of-age journey, bad romances, slavery’s legacies, and simmering seduction.
Trans March Dyke March 2018
Trans March | June 22 | 3pm | Dolores Park
Dyke March | June 23 | 3pm | Dolores Park
The San Francisco Trans March is San Francisco’s largest transgender Pride event and one of the largest trans events in the entire world. It’s always the Friday of Pride weekend and thousands of people attend.
We’re calling all. Dykes. To show up. To take up your space. To fight against our erasure by being visible in a nation that says there’s no place for us. To be visible in our community. To be visible in our love for one another.
San Francisco Pride CHILE HOOD STORIES
Pride | June 24 | Parade & Celebration
Chile! Hood Stories | June 27 | 7:30pm | Flight Deck
With over 200 parade contingents and exhibitors, and more than twenty community-run stages and venues, the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade is the largest gathering of the LGBT community and allies in the nation.
Come galavanting with Foxy Loxy telling his account of the day Henny Penny claimed the sky fell! This 60 minute multidisciplinary production wanders through safe sex, gender, sexuality and cannabis…because truth be told, fables were meant for adults all along!
mouth full of sea | June 28 | 7:30pm | AAACC  Jesus Christ Superstar | Postponed
mouth full of sea is a multimedia exploration of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Using movement, voice and performance, Gabriel Christian and C. Chibueze Crouch mine their personal relationships to this ongoing tragedy and its echoes across the African Diaspora. For one night only we will treat you to the voices and music of our amazing community in the legendary radical rock opera, recasting Jesus and the disciples as queer trans women. Featuring Mya Byrne and Akira Jackson and more! This event it postponed until Fall 2018.
CQC Meeting Grant Writing 101
CQC | July 11, 12, 14 | Richmond, San Francisco,Oakland Grant Writing 101 | July 29 | Oakland | Qulture Collective
Grants for Artists. QCC began operating  “Creating Queer Community” in 2000 by awarding 5 small commissions.   Since then, QCC has commissioned approximately 130 LGBT artists to create new works that authentically express our community’s diverse experiences. Free Grant Writing for Artists!
Singing Bois
Singing Bois | August | Tour Kick Off – Information Coming!
SAFEhouse ARTS | June Programs | SAFEhouse
The Singing Bois present an evening-length concert of queer retro music, performing sounds of the past with a look toward the futures of gender expressions. Through powerhouse vocals, masterful instrumentals, and a healthy dose of sexy swagger, the artists share stories reflecting a range of queer masculinities. SAFEhouse (Saving Arts from Extinction) for the Performing Arts is an artist’s cooperative with a special focus on contemporary dance and provides creative space for a diverse range of Bay Area artists through residencies, events, skill-building and leadership. Our work is dedicated to promoting arts education and building a vibrant and inclusive San Francisco arts community.


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