BLACK FAMILY REUNION PROGRAM 2018-04-06T18:39:24+00:00


June 13, 2018
African American Art and Culture Complex, 7PM
India Harville
Tickets: $10-25 NOTA
Ticket Link:

“You’re not black enough!”
“You’re not femme enough!”
“You’re not queer enough!”
“You’re not disabled enough!”
“You’re not able bodied enough!”

How many ways can we be told we are not […]

Global Masquerade Program

June 20 (Werk!shop-Dance Party)
The Global Street Dance Masquerade, AAACC & Qcc present
Dontuntrah: The Afro-Queer Masquerade
Werk!shop – AAACC, 7:30pm $5-10
Ticket Link:

June 20th: (GSDMQ8: Multi-disciplinary presentation & Dance Werk!Shop) Join artistic director Rashad Pridgen of The Global Street Dance Masquerade – GSDMQ8 for a […]

Chile! Hood Stories


June 27, 2018
Chile! Hood Stories: A“Fairy’s” Tale
SevanKelee Boult
FLIGHT, 7:30pm
$12-$20 sliding scale, NOTAFLOF TIX
Ticket Link:

Creating Queer Community Program and Black Family Reunion Program

Come galavanting with Foxy Loxy telling his account of the day Henny Penny claimed the sky fell! A […]

mouth full of sea


June 28, 2018
mouth full of sea
AAACC, 8pm
Gabriel Christian and C. Chibueze Crouch
Tickets: $10 – $20 sliding scale, NOTAFLOF
Ticket Link:

Summoning song, dance, performance and film, two blaq artists present a body of work grappling with their personal links to Trans-Atlantic slavery. Using Christina […]