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May 9 | LGBT Community Center | 7pm May 10 & 11 | Bindlestiff | 8pm
Queer Conversations on Culture and the Arts presents its ESP series with a panel discussion on the theme of Dispossession; the taking of one’s home, land, territory, means of subsistence, history, language and sense of self. Finding your Voice is a collection of original works written and performed by members of GAPA Theatre. This compilation of vignettes, personal narratives and short plays reflect the lived experiences of Gay and Queer Asian and Pacific Islander men.
Confronting the Ghost of
May 17 & 18 | Humanist Hall | 7, 2 and  7:30pm May 19 | North Beach | 2pm
Inspired by the immersive experiences of haunted houses, this work-in-progress showing of Confronting The Ghost of Willie Lynch follows a Black queer couple as they attempt to exorcise the demonic embodiment white supremacy. The 1954 raid on Tommy’s Place is the stuff of legend: lurid headlines claiming seduction of girls in a lesbian “Vice Academy,” swaggering butches, police graft, and angry PTA legions. Join Katie Gilmartin for literary performances, music, and site visits.
Song of Song Seder
May 19 | Urban Adamah | 2pm
May 28 | RYSE | 8pm
Celebrate queer sexuality and conjure a magic spell at a joyous participatory JeWitchy ritual! Dancing, singing, and radical liturgy delight, empower and educate. Musician, Jewlia Eisenberg and dancer, Bruce Bierman, help lead the festivities. Qcc presents its first Queer Poetry “Cash Prize” SLAM! We debut in Richmond at RYSE; and Richmond poets will be given priority. Featuring singer and poet Leo Lyons. Hosted by Audacious IAM and Mona Webb.
Flower of Iowa Queer As F
May 30 | GLBT History Museum | 7pm May 30 – June 9 | Bindlestiff | 8pm
Author Lance Ringel presents a dramatized reading with music from his novel Flower of Iowa about two soldiers in World War I who fall in love on the Western Front in 1918 France. Queer Fuckery returns, boldly leaving behind the drama to bring on the dramatics! Join the QUEER as FUCK players as they go on a comedic multi generational exploration of the dating world.
Performing the Visible Speaking from the Body
May 31 | CIIS | 6pm & 7pm June 2 | Firehouse Ft. Mason | 4:30pm

Stories of comedy, drama, and resilience are featured in this unique performance and visual arts showcase. A cast of LGBTQ APA artists share personal narratives on stage, while the walls feature larger than life portraits and tintypes from the Visibility Project.

Intimate queer and not-so queer storytelling in movement and spoken word. New works and old favorites, including the world premiere of Hermit. Expand your ideas of who can beautifully dance, regardless of age or size!
Sandra Valls
June 4 | Brava Cabaret | 8pm June 5 | Brava Cabaret | 8pm
Sandra Valls is a funny, high energy, smart, sexy, outspoken Latina, comic best known for her powerful, electric, stand-up comedy performances in Showtime’s The Latin Divas Of Comedy. Man Haters is a popular, award-winning comedy show featuring all women and queer comedians.
June 5 | The Marsh | 7:30pm
June 5 | Qulture Collective | 6pm Opening
Butch dyke, Angel Torres, pitches her TV show to NBC, highlighting legendary Latinx movie stars during the McCarthy era. Enter Femme Fatal, creating chaos with Angel’s wife and Angel’s life. Description: Two photographers’ focus on queer communities: Soraya Zaman’s new book and project, American Boys and a selection of trans, gnc images from the late Amanda Harris’ FemmeSpace.
Precarious Lives Radar Superstar
June 6 | SOMArts | 6 – 9pm Reception
June 6 | SF Main Public Library | 6pm
This year’s Creative Labor exhibition opens its field of view beyond creating a site of visibility for queer art to include the work of non-queer identified artists whose work has been instrumental in building the social and aesthetic network within which we understand and experience cultural difference and our own queerness. RADAR Superstar – The Future of Storytelling is Here: Curated by the Seattle Civic Poet & James W. Ray Distinguished Artist Awardee Anastacia Renee, we are featuring four local poets including Aimee Suzara & librecht.
Chosen Family Queer Latin Dance
June 7 | GLBT History Museum | 7pm June 7 & 8 | OACC | Various Times

Featuring photography, ephemera and text, this new exhibit centers Latinx LGBTQ family connections (Chosen & Biological) to help build hope and resilience.

We highlight and celebrate Queer, Trans, and Ally Latin Dancers from all over the world, coming together for two full days of Dance Workshops, Spectacular Performances, and Social Dancing!
Queer Rebels
June 7 & 8 | AAACC | 8pm June 8 | Brava | 7pm

QTPOC artists consider a future that centers love, care and community as a necessity for our healing and a weapon for our survival.

Youth Speaks presents the 19th annual Queeriosity, a dynamic literary arts and performance showcase celebrating the LGBTQQIA+ voices in the Bay Area, starting with our Youth.
femmasculine Precarious Lives Performance
June 8 | Brava Cabaret | 8pm June 11 | SOMArts | 7:30pm

Brava Artist in Residence Kevin Seaman / LOL McFiercen, debuts their new solo performance #femmasculine. Featuring an all-star cast of Bay Area performers, this two act cabaret will take a wrecking ball to gender norms, leaving no binary intact, save one: be there, or be square!

Join some of the !powehouses! that have shaped the Bay Area’s arts activism scene for an evening of resistance and transformation through performance. Featuring Marga Gómez, The Lady Ms Vagina Jenkins, and Sr. Solas B. Lalgee.
June 12 | LGBT Center | 7:30pm June 13 | Brava Cabaret | 7:30pm
Based on Gina Stella dell’Assunta’s highly-anticipated forthcoming book, How To Have A Body explores the intersections, trials, and joys of queerness and disability using storytelling, spoken word, ritual, and music. Tiny Baruch’s friends are all depressed by the state of the union, but he will not quit telling his fellow queers to not give up hope. Written, performed, and illustrated by Baruch Porras Hernandez.
qwocmap Precarious Lives Literary
June 14 – 16 | Brava | Various Times June 18 | SOMArts | 7:30pm
QWOCMAP’s 2019 Queer Women of Color Film Festival 15th anniversary Festival Focus Resilient Past is Vibrant Prologue, celebrates the everlasting power of queer and transgender people of color. Audacious IAM explores the fragility and resilience at the intersection of multiple identities. The featured writers open a dialogue about social change and transformation through the power of the written word.
Mother The Verb Fresh Meat
June 19 | Flight Deck | 8pm June 20 – 22 | Zspace | 8pm
Honoring the labor and heart of mothers of all genders, Mother the Verb wrestles with the toxicity of our relationships in this post-colonial apocalypse. Preceded by a piece of Dazie Grego-Sykes. The 18th annual FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL features edgy, exquisite, extraordinary dance, theater and live music … and a cornucopia of regional and world premieres!
June 20 & 21 | EB Community Space | 7:30pm June 20-22 | CounterPulse | 8pm
Nana Duffuor returns with an ensemble cast in Sprint–a multidisciplinary performance blending film, theater, poetry, song, and dance to tell the coming of age story of a queer Black child of Ghanaian immigrants, discovering herself (and her dignity) in White America. Tomorrow We Inherit the Earth is a collaboratively devised ensemble piece that dives into the junction between horror, speculative fiction and queer futurity. Presented by Faluda Islam, Arshia Haq, Saba Taj, Anum Awan, jose e abad, Hushidar Mortezaie and Crystal Mason.
Manifesto Still Here
June 21 | AAACC | 7:30pm June 22 | AAACC | 6pm
A call to arms, a spectacular reckoning, MANIFESTO is Rotimi Agbabiaka’s latest solo play, in which you the audience (and a cast of historical (s)heroes) help a young artist create a manifesto for a 21st century theatre of liberation. In our 7th year, Still Here is publishing an anthology of LGBTQIA2S+ artists of color raised in S.F., in partnership with Foglifter Press. Join us as we celebrate the release of this first-of- its-kind anthology with a night of readings by the authors, performances, music, and more.
Stonewall 50 In This Body
June 22 | Harvey Milk Photo Center | 6pm June 24 | East Side Arts | 7:30pm
Celebrate 50 years of Art and Activism featuring over 50 Bay Area artists. Opening night celebration features music, performances and amazing artist glitterati. Blending video, poetry, song and music, these artists tackle being In This Body. What are the obstacles to making their journey toward an integrated life? Fresh performances examine issues of gender, queerness, love, bisexuality and the steps they will take to be entirely In This Body.
The Body Political
June 25 | SOMArts | 7:30pm June 27 | AAACC | 7:30pm
Working at the heart of what it is to be a queer human, the convention defying experiments in this program explore non-narrative and alternative forms to traditional film/video narratives. A cabaret show confronting social myths about the body through personal stories of resistance and reclamation! Performers explore race, gender, sexuality, ability/disability, mental health through burlesque, drag, poetry, dance, and performance art.
The Crooked Room Trans March
June 28 & 29 | AAACC | 8, 2pm & 8pm June 28 | Dolores Park | 3pm
A Queer Black woman fasting attempts to take vows of silence but is plagued by the loud thoughts that surface. Brutality at the core of the American Dream and the generational debris that follows come to a head where “closed mouths don’t get fed.” The San Francisco Trans March is San Francisco’s largest transgender Pride event and one of the largest trans events in the entire world. It’s always the Friday of Pride weekend and thousands of people attend.
Dyke March 2018 Precarious Lives
June 29 |Dolores Park | 3pm June 29 | SOMArts | 4-5pm
We’re calling all. Dykes. To show up. To take up your space. To fight against our erasure by being visible in a nation that says there’s no place for us. To be visible in our community. To be visible in our love for one another. Join us for a final tour of the exhibition by curator Rudy Lemcke. A look at the queer and of non-queer identified artists whose work has been instrumental in building the social and aesthetic network within which we understand and experience cultural difference and our own queerness.
San Francisco Pride
June 30 | Civic Center / Market St. | 11am SAFEhouse ARTS | June Programs | SAFEhouse
With over 200 parade contingents and exhibitors, and more than twenty community-run stages and venues, the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade is the largest gathering of the LGBT community and allies in the nation. SAFEhouse (Saving Arts from Extinction) for the Performing Arts is an artist’s cooperative with a special focus on contemporary dance and provides creative space for a diverse range of Bay Area artists through residencies, events, skill-building and leadership. Our work is dedicated to promoting arts education and building a vibrant and inclusive San Francisco arts community.


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