The Queer Intifada

June 20-22, 2019
Tomorrow We Inherit the Earth: The Queer Intifada
Artistic Director Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
Counterpulse Theater, 8pm
TIX: $20, No one turned away for lack of funds

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The world has entered its third major intifada, an uprising of global magnitude. Queer rebel fighters in the Muslim world frustrated with the failures of past heterosexual leaders rise and begin a long battle to overthrow American and European intervention in the region, achieving what many in the past have failed to do. While the successes of the revolution continue to be lauded, its losses have been painfully felt.

Tomorrow We Inherit the Earth looks deep into a future of the Muslim world where rebels fight to finally overthrow Western Imperialist projects. In this intifada, strategies have changed and opulent guerrilla fighters, zombie soldiers risen from the dead and aliens summoned from the top of minarets, team up to reveal what it takes to build a revolution.


Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (Artistic Director) is a visual and performance artist, zombie drag queen – who goes by the Alias Faluda Islam – as well as curator of mixed Pakistani, Lebanese and Iranian descent.

Bhutto’s work delves deep into a futurist imagining of South Asia, the Middle East and the larger Muslim world, through a research based process excavating archives from disparate sources. He takes on histories of revolution, resistance and resilience and queers them using his body as a filter through a multi-media and collaborative practice based primarily in the realm of future story telling.